Donald Trump is Mentally Fit For Presidency, Claims White House Doctor

Donald Trump is Mentally Fit For Presidency, Claims White House Doctor

President Donald Trump registered a flawless score on a cognitive screening test as part of his physical examination taken last week, the White House physician said Tuesday, adding that Trump requested the test to rebut accusations that his mental faculties are declining.

"The President's overall health is excellent", Dr. Jackson said at a press briefing on Tuesday.

Jackson said between diet and exercise, the president was more keen on the dieting, "but we're going to be doing both".

President Trump had a weight of 239 pounds and a height of 75 inches, Jackson said.

The president is cognitively sound, Jackson said, after giving Trump an assessment that screens for issues like Alzheimer's, saying that he believes the president to be mentally 'sharp'.

Jackson said Trump showed no signs of requiring a cognitive assessment but insisted on having one, which he passed.

Shortly before taking office a year ago, Trump said he would hand off control of his global business empire to his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, and move his assets into a trust to help ensure that he would not consciously take actions as president that would benefit him personally.

Those who accused Barack Obama of faking his birth certificate to prove his U.S. citizenship, which included the new president, were known as birthers - and one clever clogs has come up with a new name for the Trump medical theorists.

The Navy doctor exhausted reporters' questions during an unusually lengthy hour-long session, at Trump's request, and said he did not withhold any information in the interests of privacy.

Jackson also said he was encouraging the president to exercise more.

Donald Trump has aced a test on his mental health - likely putting to rest days of Washington political gossip. However, he did say that, in theory, a ideal score on the Montreal test does not necessarily rule out cognitive decline.

Jackson said that Trump's cholesterol level has jumped to 223, in the elevated range, and his low-density lipoprotein of 143 is borderline high, so he is increasing Trump's medication.

"I find no reason whatsoever to think the president has any issues whatsoever with his thought process", Jackson said.

Initially, the White House said such a test would not be a part of the president's physical.

Presidents don't typically sit for cognitive assessments during their periodic physical exams. Trump also takes aspirin daily for his heart, propecia for hair loss, a daily vitamin and an occasional cream for rosacea, a skin condition.

"Does the president do anything at all right now in terms of exercise?" A year earlier, Bornstein had released a letter that predicted Trump would be "the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency" if he won. We talked about diet and exercise a lot.

Trump even demonstrated above-average exercise capacity despite his famous aversion to physical activity other than golf, Jackson said.