Cape Town residents told water supply likely to be cut off

Cape Town residents told water supply likely to be cut off

Cape Town: Authorities in the drought-stricken South African city of Cape Town have told residents that it is "now likely" that water supplies will be cut because of dwindling levels in dams serving the country's second-largest metropolis.

In reality, Cape Town will never completely run out of water, with the last 10 per cent from a reservoir too costly and hard to extract, according to Forbes.

Cape Town's 3.7 million residents have been restricted to utilising 50 litres of water per person per day.

Ms De Lille said consumption remained too high with half of residents still not keeping to the restrictions and announced she would move "Day Zero" a week forward to April 22, according to TimesLIVE.

The amendments also remove Craig Kesson‚ executive director of De Lille's office‚ as chairman of the city council water resilience task team.

As TIME reports, once the dams reach 13.5% capacity, the municipal water supply will shut off water for all but essential services, such as hospitals.

The city council vote to curtail De Lille's influence in managing the drought response came after the DA federal executive instructed its Cape Town caucus to put deputy mayor Ian Neilson and MMC Xanthea Limberg in charge instead.

"At this point, we must assume that they will not change their behaviour", she said.

Despite the seeming urgency of Cape Town's water crisis, in global terms this is not an unprecedented phenomenon. Those found using more are being fined. Note: areas with a positive value are recharged and theoretically should not be in danger of depletion.

Residents have already imposed water-saving measures in full force.

The city council initiative follows three years of exceptional drought in Cape Town and surging water demand, with mayor Patricia De Lille warning the city will "run out of water" on April 22, otherwise known as "Day Zero".

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