Donald Trump's health excellent, fit for presidency: White House doctor

Donald Trump's health excellent, fit for presidency: White House doctor

Trump, who has gained three pounds since his physical in 2016, takes a drug to reduce his cholesterol, and Jackson said he may increase the dosage The doctor added that Trump does not use tobacco or alcohol, one of the reasons he is in good health generally.

Trump is also not alone in his lack of interest in exercise. His body mass index (BMI) was 29.9 - just 0.1 point under the official obesity BMI mark of 30.

President Donald Trump has a well-documented affection for fast food, red meat, and Diet Coke - and doesn't engage in any regular form of physical exercise.

"I get exercise. I mean I walk, I this, I that", Trump said. "I told the president if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years he might live to be 200".

"I, as President, want people coming into our Country who are going to help us become strong and great again, people coming in through a system based on MERIT".

Minnesota Congressman and Democratic National Committee Deputy Chair Keith Ellison has said the President is a "social media bully" and that his account should be deleted - something Hillary Clinton's campaign memorably tweeted during the campaign.

To check for possible cognitive dysfunction, the US Department of Veterans Affairs uses the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) neuropsychological test. The test instructions describe it as a rapid screening instrument to check for mild cognitive dysfunction that takes about 10 minutes to complete. McLean, Va. internal medicine doctor Sam Pappas faced that dilemma the same afternoon Jackson was explaining Trump's health data to the press.

The test does not measure other qualities that play a role in a president's work, such as the ability to assimilate and analyze new information, overall emotional stability or the ability to make informed decisions.

Trump's scheduled annual physical was Friday, a week after publication of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, in which author Michael Wolff portrayed the president as intellectually and emotionally unfit for the presidency.

"He would benefit from a diet that is lower in fat and carbohydrates", Jackson told reporters at the White House.

When it came to talk of extending protections for Haitians, Durbin said Trump replied, "We don't need more Haitians'".

President Donald Trump promised that his administration is "working on it" as he faced a flurry of questions Wednesday about discussions to reach an immigration deal and fund the government. Jackson added that Trump has a history of elevated cholesterol but is now taking medication to treat it. Did Trump get all of these tests?

Asked how Trump could have such a good health report despite not exercising or having a good control of what he eats, Jackson commented: "It's called genetics".

Fresh off a White House doctor declaring his health excellent, President Donald Trump swiped at his predecessors on North Korea, while saying he "scored the highest on tests".

"Do you really smoke but say you don't?" One man in Pittsburgh urgently defended the president against charges of racism by citing Trump's triumphant statement that his support among blacks has doubled, even though it has declined from 15 percent to 6 percent.