Overseas Troops Will Miss NFL Championships Due To Government Shutdown

Overseas Troops Will Miss NFL Championships Due To Government Shutdown

The federal government is now in a partial shutdown. The news actually affects the sports world a bit too.

According to the Pentagon, the Armed Forces Network, known as AFN, will not be operating during the government shutdown. But college sports aren't the only thing affected.

The network enables US service members around the world to watch American TV, but with the government shutdown underway, the service was cut off.

It was not immediately known why AFN was taken off the air this year, when it remained intact during the 2013 shutdown.

AFN carries channels for news, entertainment and sports programming, and the shutdown leaves deployed American troops without their usual means to watch the National Football League playoffs, which continue Sunday with the conference championship games. US military personnel already voiced their concerns with the decision.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy offered one alternative via Twitter on Saturday, posting that "Military members can watch tomorrow's NFL games at USO Centers overseas through NFL Game Pass for free".

As ProFootballTalk pointed out, there will still be ways for service members to watch the games online, but that does not count for much for those stationed in places without fast internet.

Those with the available resources will be able to watch the game on a stream.

As noted above, the ability to watch tomorrow's National Football League games isn't the only way in which the government shutdown as impacted the sports world.

It is unclear where the NFC Championship game can be seen. I am working on information for the NFC Championship game on Fox.

AFN provides United States radio and television news, information, and entertainment programming to active, guard, and Reserve military service members, Department of Defense civilians and contract employees, and their families overseas, on board Navy and Coast Guard ships, and other authorized users.