Android Oreo starts arriving on Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ handsets

Android Oreo starts arriving on Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ handsets

With this new Samsung DeX's render, we could see the upcoming Galaxy S9 with a new angle which is completely different from what we have seen until now. Users will also be able to insert moving GIF contents into the input field, along with four new themes for the keyboard. The dock is a large plastic stand which sports a USB Type C connector at the end of it. Users should slide their phone onto the dock, connect it and it will instantly switch off. There's a couple of USB-A ports for connecting peripherals, an HDMI port for connecting to a monitor, and an extra USB-C port likely to keep your device and the pad powered.

With the Galaxy S8 lineup, Samsung introduced the DeX Station, an accessory that turns the phone into a computer.

So it's possible the Galaxy S9 could launch at MWC 2018 with Android Oreo installed while some S8 users are still waiting to receive the big update.

Blass followed up with a tweet showing a link to Tesco's online store, which already lists the new Samsung DeX Pad. The pictures were published by @evleaks in a tweet yesterday, giving us potentially the first look at the new accessory's design. The only thing that's missing on the DeX Pad is an Ethernet port, which is something the original DeX Station had.

Samsung made an announcement a year ago regarding its plans to launch its first foldable handset, initially dubbed the Samsung Galaxy X. The South Korean tech giant is expected to deliver smartphones with flexible displays, given that the company has been known for its innovations in screen panel technology, particularly in organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays. It is pictured from two angles and with and without a docked Samsung Galaxy S9. While other manufacturers are ditching the headphone jack, Samsung appears adamant on keeping it on its flagships for the time being. Do you like the look of the upgraded DeX Pad? Based on these images, the Galaxy S9 will retain the 3.5mm headphone jack.