Guess Is Investigating Its Co-Founder Paul Marciano For Sexual Misconduct

Guess Is Investigating Its Co-Founder Paul Marciano For Sexual Misconduct

Guess Inc. says the board formed on Wednesday a special committee comprised of two independent directors to oversee an ongoing probe into allegations of improper conduct by its co-founder Paul Marciano.

She says the predatory behavior continued: After subsequently hiring her again, Marciano wrote her "dominant and possessive" messages, became furious that Upton wanted to bring her boyfriend to the Guess shoot, and fired Tsai, a move that seemed like retaliation after the photographer wouldn't let Marciano stay in a room alone with Upton.

In fact, according to an account by one model, Marciano and Hadid were friends who may have traded women around.

Shannon claimed that after the shoot, Marciano invited himself up to her apartment, where she alleges, "He forced himself on me ..."

She claimed following the alleged incident, Marciano tried to contact her, and she refused his advances. In it Vee said, "It is time people like @paulmarciano & @mohamedhadid get exposed for who they really are!"

Upton said she expected Marciano to deny the allegations and that she, too, welcomes an investigation.

Kate Upton on Twitter:
Kate Upton accuses Guess exec of sexual harassment

The 25-year-old model-and-actress has accused the fashion brand's co-founder of sexual misconduct and though she is amazed that he's kept his position for so long, she suggested the company needs to overhaul a lot of their processes.

Upton, now 25, initially accused Marciano of inappropriate behavior in a tweet on January 31 and shared her full story with Time Magazine on Thursday. That the campaign never materialized, but Shannon says Marciano did frequently request nude photos from her over text.

"It used to work before", she said of his denial. The model also claimed that she wanted to speak out against the alleged sexual harassment and rape a year ago. Moreover, the businessman said he supported the #metoo movement.

The fashion retailer had then said it would investigate Upton's claims "once they are known to determine if they have any merit". "Nor would I ever refer to a Guess model in such a derogatory manner", he stated.

Upton told Time the problems began the first day of shooting a Guess Lingerie campaign in 2010. Upton said the clothing company fired her from her last shoot with them in 2011 when Marciano called her a "fat pig".

She said Marciano threatened her career or more, by saying he would make her "disappear" if she said anything. Upton's interview provided detailed descriptions of Marciano's alleged conduct, corroborated by at least one witness.