North Korean Cheerleaders: 100 Olympic Stars Are Born

North Korean Cheerleaders: 100 Olympic Stars Are Born

PYEONGCHANG-GUN, SOUTH KOREA - FEBRUARY 09: Performers entertain during the Opening Ceremony of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at PyeongChang Olympic Stadium on February 9, 2018 in Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea.

Vice President Mike Pence said Saturday there's "no daylight" among the U.S., South Korea and Japan on the need to keep the pressure on North Korea's regime, even as Pyongyang extended an invitation to South Korea's president for a rare visit. They entered the stadium wearing their official Team USA Opening Ceremony gear courtesy of Ralph Lauren.

Moon's office says Moon, sister Kim Yo Jong and North Korea's nominal head of state Kim Yong Nam are at the Kwandong Hockey Center Saturday to watch the game.

"We hope to see you in Pyongyang at an early date", Kim Yo Jong told Moon after delivering a personal letter from her brother, according to officials.

Moon has been pressing the North to engage with the U.S. to de-escalate tensions between the countries, which have been fueled by a string of nuclear tests that were met with strong rhetoric from President Donald Trump. US President Donald Trump and the North Korean leadership traded insults as tensions rose.

Talks between North and South Korean leaders have happened in the past without yielding any significant changes in North Korea's behavior.

"We are stronger than all the forces that want to divide us", declared Olympic president Thomas Bach.

Wary that the North is trying to drive a wedge between Washington and Seoul, he made a point of having no part of any of the North's brand of for-Koreans-by-Koreans detente.

It was the first time a member of North Korea's ruling family ever visited the presidential palace, called the Blue House.

"There were some issues that impacted some of our computer systems last night for a few hours", said an Olympic spokesperson. During the trip, Pence has kept up pressure on the north over its nuclear ambitions and human rights record. And yet, last night's opening ceremony was in itself a diplomatic achievement. It's no small feat that North and South Korea are marching under one flag at the opening ceremony.

Earlier in the week, he joined Pence at a meeting with North Korean defectors.

"Our objective here today is to stand with our allies".

North Korea announced it was to send a delegation to Pyeongchang in January after it met its South counterparts in their first high-level talks in more than two years. They have to end the day of provocation and menacing.