Scalise: Where Is Pelosi's New DACA Push Coming From?

Scalise: Where Is Pelosi's New DACA Push Coming From?

"Members of Congress are trustees of the people of our nation", she said just after 10 a.m.

Where was this urgency when she was Speaker of the House? On Thursday, however, she made a decision to fly solo. Government funding expires Thursday at midnight.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has taken a position against the bill without the DACA commitment. (Apparently, we're all still depending on the good faith of Mitch McConnell.) Thanks to Mr. Madison's grand design, the House has to agree to any such plan.

The 77-year-old California Democrat was able to pull off the speech, likened to a Senate 'filibuster, ' due to a rule that gives both leaders the ability to talk ad nauseam once recognized. That is a very formidable arsenal.

House Democrats will likely spend the next 24 hours pushing to get a commitment from House Speaker Paul Ryan on floor consideration of DACA bills. That move is used in the Senate to delay or block legislation, and there isn't a House equivalent. She read several hundred letters from adults who were brought to the small children and have gone on to achieve and contribute fantastic things to the only country they've ever known. She also included remarks about the Declaration of Independence, the country's founders.

But for some members on both ends of her caucus who tuned in, the daylong protest did little to fix the fissure pitting lawmakers against one another on immigration and budget talks.

"I think the fact that you have not heard from the Democratic Party, the Democratic caucus, from Democratic Party offices, you would think that there'd be hashtags galore supporting this effort - this unprecedented effort from Nancy Pelosi", Rep. Luis Gutierrez told reporters. "The beauty is in the mix", she told her House colleagues. We've got Alyssa Milano, RuPaul and other stars cheering her on.

Only one member who took questions from the press cared to offer a guess about how many Democrats would join Republicans in voting for the bill.

Asserting herself as leader of the resistance, Pelosi declared her opposition to the two-year $400 billion budget cap-busting spending agreement reached in the U.S. Senate - a deal she worked to put together - because it does not address the legal status of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program recipients. "What's wrong? There's something wrong with this picture", Pelosi said.

Even so, most everyone in Congress believed that the bill had enough votes to pass the House, even among Democrats. Although Democrats initially claimed they wouldn't support any budget deal without a vote on DACA amnesty, they ultimately got on board with the expectation of a DACA and immigration reform vote in February.

We have created the political and moral conditions for Congress to use its leverage to protect the lives of immigrant youth and stand up to Trump. While their bill passed the Senate, it stalled in the House. Introduced by Barack Obama it shielded from deportation about 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought to America as children and was cancelled by President Donald Trump last September.