Artist Claims 'Black Panther' Soundtrack Stiffed Her

Artist Claims 'Black Panther' Soundtrack Stiffed Her

According to Robinson, his client was contacted on two seperate occasions by representatives of the film to have her work included in promotional materials.She would decline the offers, but was shocked to see close interpretations of her style in the newly-released video. The letter further states that Viktor is wiling "to discuss a resolution of all her claims, consisting at a minimum of a public apology for the unauthorized use and a license fee".

"Why would they do this?" In an interview, Ms. Viktor affirmed, "Cultural appropriation is something that continually happens to African-American artists, and I want to make a stand". On the letter, Viktor alleges that the gold patterns on the video were lifted from her artwork titled "Constellations", and used without her permission.

The song from the Black Panther soundtrack, which was produced and curated by Lamar and Top Dawg's Anthony Tiffith, saw an accompanying video released last week. Black Panther is about black empowerment and the celebration of African virtues and culture, yet Viktor says she, an African artist, has been stolen from and taken advantage of. The aesthetic is so similar that copyright lawyers believe she has a strong case, however. A story in Okay Africa about the video noted: "The work and influence of British-Liberian artist Lina Iris Viktor can be clearly spotted".

"We're in an age when no is supposed to mean no in whatever field you're in", Robinson said.

Rapper SchoolBoy Q in his track with K Dot gives Lamar an honourable mention of his own famous single Humble and says not even Kendrick can humble me.