President Trump, Kim Jong Un lookalikes at Olympics 'want peace'

President Trump, Kim Jong Un lookalikes at Olympics 'want peace'

South Korean President Moon Jae-in had a luncheon earlier Saturday with the North Koreans, while Pence declined opportunities for contact with South Korea's neighbor to the north.

Moon met Kim Yo Jong - a close confidant of her brother and the first member of the dynasty to set foot in the South since the Korean War - and the North's ceremonial head of state Kim Yong Nam at the Blue House in Seoul.

Throughout the ceremony there were constant winks to peace, such as the theme "Imagine" by John Lennon, an ode to coexistence, sung by four well-known South Korean singers.

Former U.S. officials and analysts say the North Korean move could put Moon, who supports Trump's pressure campaign while pursuing dialogue with the North, at odds with the Trump administration.

Still, she said, "as one we are stronger than being divided".

The 28-year-old is a crucial part of the North's Games delegation led by Kim Yong Nam, North Korea's nominal head of state.

President Donald Trump, meanwhile, has stepped up his rhetoric against the North, calling Kim Jong Un "little rocket man" and promising to "totally destroy" North Korea if needed to defend the United States and its allies.

The delegation, the highest-ranking to visit the South and led by the younger sister of the North's leader Kim Jong Un, concludes its visit on Sunday after charming and intriguing the South Korean public, but still faces deep skepticism over Pyongyang's sincerity towards improving relations.

This will be the fourth time the president meets the official delegation of Pyongyang after arriving in the South on Friday with Kim Yong-nam, the top DPRK lawmaker, in charge.

Shortly after North Korea invited the South Korean leader, Pence's office issued a statement.

The North's official Korean Central News Agency also referred to Moon as president.

South Korea's figure skating superstar and Olympic gold medalist Kim Yuna lit the Olympic cauldron.

For that reason, Schoff said, Washington should work closely with Seoul to shape any North-South summit agenda, "defending the role of exercises for stability and insisting that denuclearization is front and center of any peace talks".

Later in the day, Moon and Kim travelled the width of the peninsula, coming to Gangeung, the coastal city on the east coast, to watch the first game of the just-formed inter-Korean women's ice hockey team together.

The invitation was delivered in a meeting between Moon and the North Korean leader's sister, Yo-jong. He left the reception five minutes later.

The officials, who spoke on condition because they were not authorized to discuss the US approach publicly, also denied that Pence had been blindsided by the seating arrangement - with the North Koreans in the row behind him, allowing Kim Yo Jong to be easily pictured in profile next to the vice president.

While Moon did not hesitate to shake hands and smile with his North Korean visitors, Pence didn't appear to even look in the direction of the North Korean delegation during the Friday event.

Many experts say Kim's overture is meant to use improved ties with Seoul as a way to weaken US -led worldwide sanctions toughened after its series of big weapons tests past year that include its sixth and largest nuclear test explosion and three intercontinental ballistic missile launches.

Some North Korean experts believe tough United Nations sanctions that are cutting off most of the isolated regime's sources of revenue might pressure Pyongyang to further engage with Seoul.

North Korea conducted its largest nuclear test past year and said it had developed a missile capable of carrying a warhead to the United States. The North Koreans have invited Moon to visit Pyongyang in what would be the third inter-Korean summit talks since their 1945 division.