Trump declares state of emergency for American Samoa

Trump declares state of emergency for American Samoa

The Fiji Meteorological Service has issued a threat map for Tropical Cyclone Gita, which is regularly updated. Butler added that many people were without clean, running water.

Tonga Police said the Tonga national emergency committee has recommended the acting Prime Minister should declare a state of emergency.

Tropical Cyclone Gita formed on Tuesday over the Wallis and Fortuna Islands in the southwest Pacific, headed east to the Samoan Islands and is now continuing its clockwise motion and aiming directly for Tonga.

"People are going battening down the hatches and this kind of preparedness works, it saves lives".

The outbreak was declared following the death of 12-year-old New Zealand girl Toafei Telefoni, who died at a local hospital after contracting the disease while visiting the country.

The Fiji Weather Office says people need to take precautionary measures now as Tropical Cyclone Gita will become a Category 5 system with destructive winds when it enters the Fiji waters.

"Oxfam has a long-established presence in Tonga and Samoa and we have pre-positioned emergency supplies already in-country ready to be deployed should they be required".

"It's pretty rare to see the ideal circle, the centre of that storm, going right over the top of such a small island".

"Very destructive hurricane force winds are expected from this evening", the Tongan Metservice said in a hurricane warning.

The information ministry advised anyone considering moving to the shelters to leave early, saying travel would not be possible when the eye of the storm passes over.

"Everyone should be mindful of what might cause damage within their homes such as large trees that can potentially damage a house".

Gita will bring damaging winds, flooding rain and storm surge inundation to Tonga.

"We are looking at major structural damage", he warned.