Arunachal will see incredible light of development, says PM

Arunachal will see incredible light of development, says PM

China on Thursday expressed its firm opposition to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi's visit to Arunachal Pradesh, which Beijing claims as its own, and said the Indian side should not take any action that could complicate the boundary issue. But when a bucket carrying water has a hole, it will leak.

PM Modi targeted the Congress for their double faced approach towards the Left. Superintendent of Police (Control Room) Pradip Dey said the security arrangements for Modi's rally were supervised by the SPG from New Delhi and he was not authorised to divulge details.

Speaking at the gathering, Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Pema Khandu assured that the BJP government in Arunachal Pradesh will give account of every penny granted by the central government.

"CPM believes in gun-tantra, not ganatantra (democracy)", PM Modi said.

"There will be conferences and cultural activities that will draw government officials and private companies".

"I am delighted to visit Arunachal Pradesh and be among the wonderful people of this state", the Indian leader said in a Twitter post.

"We must go to all states and that is why I came to Shillong for a northeastern council meeting and an important meeting related to agriculture was held in Sikkim". One aspect is human resource development, other is infra and there is also the need to use modern technology in the sector, says PM. Healthcare has to be of good quality and it must be affordable. "When one studies in a particular area, one becomes better acquainted with the local health challenges".

The PM's visit will be followed by BJP national president Amit Shah, who will be attending rallies across the state for seven days days from February 20 to 28, with a couple of gaps in between.