Facebook Messenger Kids is now available on Android

Facebook Messenger Kids is now available on Android

Facebook's Messenger Kids was first made available on iOS back in December 2017. When the app first went live on iOS devices in December a year ago, an open letter co-signed by nineteen organizations and just under 100 child-advocates was published by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, calling for Mark Zuckerberg to pull the app from stores. And now finally, the app hits Google Play Store for Android smartphone and tablets.

In a move that likely won't go over well with many child advocates, Facebook is making its controversial Messenger Kids app more widely available.

The app is a highly-modified version of the standard Messenger app; it gives parents complete control over who their children are communicating with on mobile devices. Everything is done with the Facebook account of the parents.

Created to be a fun space for kids, the app lets users video call grandparents and use stickers or GIFs to play and make amusing faces, exchange birthday wishes and decorated photos with other children - provided that both sets of parents have authorized the connection. They can even use interactive masks during their one-on-one or group video calls.

It's possible to chat via text using Messenger Kids, but the app puts heavy emphasis on real-time video calls, with age-appropriate filters and stickers to liven things up - and no ads.

Last but not least, kids also get an option to block and report other contacts.

"For example, we've heard stories of parents working night shifts being able read bedtime stories to their children, and moms who travel for work getting daily updates from their kids while they're away". Though Messenger Kids is kind of safe and possess cool features, it is still questionable.