Federal Bureau of Investigation was warned of alleged school shooter Nikolas Cruz months ago

Federal Bureau of Investigation was warned of alleged school shooter Nikolas Cruz months ago

Bennight says he made a screen shot of the comment and emailed it to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and to YouTube on September 24.

Students are evacuated by police from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018, after a shooter opened fire on the campus. The teen with the same name killed 17 people and injured many at a Florida school.

The FBI was alerted to an alarming comment on YouTube from a user named Nikolas Cruz, who posted months ago that he planned to become a "professional school shooter", according to a MS man. Neighbours and classmates knew he was a big problem.

The family believed Cruz was depressed, but attributed that to his mother's death, not mental illness. They contacted him immediately, according to CNN.

The FBI special agent in charge of the Miami division, Robert Lasky, confirmed Thursday morning that the bureau received a tip a year ago about the YouTube comment, according to CNN.

"Potentially there could have been signs out there", Mr Runcie told reporters outside of the school.

Five months before Wednesday's deadly school shooting in Florida, a D'Iberville bail bondsman reported a concerning comment posted on one of his YouTube videos.

A football coach who also worked as a security guard is among the dead in a school shooting that claimed 17 lives in Parkland, Florida. Bennight was visited by authorities and questioned about whether he knew who posted the comment. Law enforcement has taken some previous online school shooting threats very seriously: a Virginia middle school student faced criminal charges for posting an Instagram message laced with guns and knives, and a 19-year-old was jailed for an apparently sarcastic threat on Facebook. Haab rushed to his ROTC room and helped usher several dozen students inside, barricading them behind curtains made of Kevlar, a material used to make bullet-proof vests.