Gmail Go for low-end devices arrives on Google Play

Gmail Go for low-end devices arrives on Google Play

It uses less RAM and loads images on demand. Over the past few weeks and even months, many Pixel users have been reporting the availability of over-the-air or OTA updates bringing the phone up to Android version 8.1.0, and Google has finally released an official list of the bug fixes, changes, and updates that users will notice in the latest build. That is likely to support new features, helping Android device makers keep up with similar Apple technology. The app is available in India and can be downloaded from Google Play store. The app is created to work on low end Android devices with low RAM based on Android 8.1 Operating System. Alternatively, you can pick it up at APK Mirror here.

The lighter version of Gmail Go app is here and offers the same super faster performance of the original Gmail app. Android Police reported that the size of app is 24.80MB compared to 47.28MB for the regular app.

If we talk more about this Gmail Go app, it is not available for all the smartphones. By default, it displays the messages from family and friends first.

The app also supports the convenient conversation view that groups emails for all IMAP, POP3, and Exchange accounts under one roof. Besides, you can also add a label to your emails to categorize them as per your requirement. These Go applications have been designed for phones with low memory and storage space, similar to Gmail Go. Gmail Go also allows to set up multiple accounts, so that you set up both Gmail and non-Gmail addresses - Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail, or other IMAP/POP email. "Plus, find messages quickly with powerful search and lots more", says Google on Gmail Go page.