Online Petition Calls For a Rollback on Snapchat's Latest Update

Online Petition Calls For a Rollback on Snapchat's Latest Update

'There is a general level of annoyance among users and many have made a decision to use a VPN app, or are using other risky apps or steps, to go back to the old Snapchat as that's how annoying this new update has become, ' it says.

The changes made by Snapchat had been meant to separate chats with friends from interactions from branded content that includes that of celebrities and influencers.

New changes to platform were made to separate interactions with friends from the content of celebrities and influencers.

The petition against the update was started by Australian user Nic Rumsey and posted on the website.

Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel wrote in a blog post that he believed blurring the two had contributed to the rise of fake news.

Another issue bugging users: Snapchat quietly rolled out the changes as opposed to releasing them as a more formal update users could opt to download.

Over one million people have signed a petition demanding Snapchat to roll back its latest update. Swiping right brings up the Discover tab, where you can view content from publishers.

"There is a lot of work ahead as we optimize the updated application, but our early observations support the thesis behind the new architecture and the many growth opportunities that it provides".

"Many users have found that it has not made the app easier to use, but has in fact made many features more hard", the petition says.

"Many 'new features" are useless or defeat the original purposes Snapchat has had for the past years.

Snapchat reiterated its statement that updates "can take a little getting used to".

Maybe if Snapchat won't listen to the 1,024,180 (a number that's rapidly rising) people who have signed the petition to reverse the update, they'll listen to Chrissy Teigen.