North Korean skier wins Olympic hearts

North Korean skier wins Olympic hearts

The Vice President of the United States has said that he actively made a decision to ignore the sister to the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in South Korea.

The addition of North Korean players initially provoked a backlash in the South, with accusations that Seoul was depriving some of its own players the chance to compete at a home Olympics for political purposes. It was extended by his sister Kim Yo-jong, who visited as part of a high-level delegation to attend the Winter Games. -South Korean military war games until after the Olympics and following Paralympic Games end.

Public interest in the show was huge in the South, with almost 120,000 people applying for one of the 1,000 tickets available for the Seoul performance. Then, North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un announced in his New Year's Day speech the North's intention to participate, setting off multiple rounds of talks at a breakneck pace.

In this regard, a military official in charge of the anti-North psychological warfare campaign said, "The volume and broadcast time of the loudspeakers have not been changed", while refusing to confirm whether news on the South Korean visit by Kim Yo-jong was broadcast or not.

The cheerleaders garnered massive media attention after performing at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, but critics accused outlets of normalizing North Korea.

"Our goal has always been to break a record again and again, and advance step by step and not to turn back no matter what happens", Kim said.

But, in recent years, North Korea has begun using the talents of its master hackers to steal boatloads of cash by commandeering cryptocurrencies to the point where some politicians are pushing for doing away with Bitcoins.

After the South Korean government approved conditions for the largest ever North Korean delegation in the country, the International Olympic Committee quickly followed suit.

Moon told reporters he hopes the warming of tensions between the two countries will also lead to better relations between the United States and North Korea, The Associated Press reported.

"In the near term, the United States will be wary about how far President Moon will go, but when I was in Seoul recently all of the officials assured us that the military exercises would go on as they need to", said Bruce Klingner, the Washington-based Heritage Foundation's Senior Fellow for Northeast Asia, who is also a former Central Intelligence Agency officer.

Washington also agreed with South Korean leaders to temporarily lift some sanctions for the Olympics, including a ban on worldwide travel for North Korean sports officials.

'Furthermore, we have a South-North unified team. And those who had cast doubt on North Korea's true intentions were likely reveling in validation on February 14, when South Korea's government agreed to pay the$2.6 million bill for North Korea's 500-person entourage of cheerleaders, performers and propagandic journalists.

The U.S. rulers ultimately decided not to use them.