Doctors in Mumbai Removed World's Largest Brain Tumor

Doctors in Mumbai Removed World's Largest Brain Tumor

"He feels relieved of "a large burden on his head", said Dr Ramesh Bharmal, dean, BYL Nair Hospital.

Dr. Trimurti Nadkarni, one of the five neurosurgeons who handled 31-year-old Santlal Pal's case, declared that after the operation, which took place on the 14 of February, he and his colleagues consulted all available medical literature on brain tumors and could not discover an outgrowth that comes even close to the one removed from Pal's brain.

It may have been the largest brain tumour in the world.

The surgeons say it far outweighed the previous biggest brain tumour at 1.4kg (3.1lbs). Surgeons "had to cut through the bone", Nadkarni said.

Dr. Nadkarni said such large tumours are rare and are a surgical challenge. However, the tumor started growing out like mad over the past year.

It was so large that it appeared as if he had two heads mounted on top of each other.

Pal's wife, Manju, told the Hindu that the couple consulted several doctors in Uttar Pradesh but were told that the tumour was inoperable.

Surgeons hope that as Mr Pal recovers he will gradually regain his eyesight.

They are claiming that this is the biggest brain tumour removed as the one before this weighed 1.4 kg. Live Science has reached out to Nair Hospital for more information. "The part of the tumour within the skull was removed by making an opening in the skull". Mr. Pal is recuperating in the Intensive Care Unit and in stable condition. He is hopeful that he will eventually regain his sight.

Srikant Balasubramaniam, with the neurosurgery department at Nair Hospital, told the Indian Express that the medical centre treats about 500 brain tumours per year, half of which are in advanced stages.

Scans revealed the tumour had invaded into the brain on both sides of the midline through skull bone and revealed the blood supply of the tumour.