Ferrari explains concept behind 2018 F1 auto

Ferrari explains concept behind 2018 F1 auto

The auto is the first Ferrari to have the mandatory Halo head protection system installed, and will be raced once again by Sebastian Vettel, runner-up in the championship to Lewis Hamilton last season, and Kimi Räikkönen.

The new auto shares much with last year's "diva" (though boss Toto Wolff admitted he liked some of the traits of last year's vehicle, unsurprisingly), with a similar design philosophy.

"And generally, over the last few years, I've not been too bad at it". Following the unveiling of Ferrari's latest design, Binotto says the wheelbase and sidepods are two of the areas that have seen the biggest developments. "The way the team has come out with a competitive vehicle at the beginning, the way we have improved both chassis and engine, on all fronts I think it has been outstanding". "I think the main difference we may indicate is that we have a slightly longer wheelbase than past year".

"In terms of expectations, it's always difficult... we've worked very hard and we think in the right way".

"Over the year we've come to learn a lot about this vehicle, and how to get the best from it".

"I haven't even see the Red Bull yet but previous year when that turned up it had no [aero] furniture on it". That made it less of an eyesore than it appeared in development a year ago.

"The Halo has been introduced for the safety of the drivers", commented Binotto. Working on the back of the auto, which requires a lot of effort, means an improvement in the airflow on the rear of the vehicle. It is not a straightforward exercise.

"There is no off-season!" he laughed when asked if the tight turnaround over the winter had been a problem.

"The real magic happens underneath but every little detail matters, every part can make a difference, and this year's auto is a big step from last year's one".

"All the people, the guys especially, are working with Mattia thinking about the concept of the vehicle for months before the season's end". I am focused on making sure I perform at my best.