Mario just drove his kart right into Google Maps

Mario just drove his kart right into Google Maps

National Mario Day is coming up and if you weren't sure how to celebrate, Nintendo is giving you an option by slashing the price of its mobile game Super Mario Run by 50%. If there's a sudden spike in people going outdoors this weekend, now you know why. "To enable "Mario Time", as it's being called, you simply need to update your app from either the App Store or the Google Play Store and then tap the yellow "?" icon you see in the bottom right of the app. You don't want to get into an accident because you were too busy staring at Mario riding his little kart. If you've recently downloaded the app to give the game a try, we recommend you hold off until the discount goes live.

Meanwhile, we imagine that Android fans are just happy to see this collaboration as it might mean they won't have to wait for months to get a copy of Mario Kart Tour on their devices. Google encourages all users to practice safe driving while out on the road.

And to mark the occasion, Google has partnered with Mario's maker Nintendo to bring the character to Google Maps for an entire week. Mario won't be there to rescue you from any insane stalkers.

Google Maps was launched in February 2005.

This isn't the first time that Nintendo and Google have teamed up like this. Having something so cool be related to just a week seems like a crime.