Snapchat Will Soon Allow Users To Tag Each Other In Posts

Snapchat Will Soon Allow Users To Tag Each Other In Posts

We've all known about the whole Instagram-Snapchat-copycat thing for years at this point, and it looks like its Snapchat's turn to start bringing over some of its biggest competitor's features to its own mobile apps. Tagging could also assist Snapchat in improving the intertwining of Stories and messaging, which now appear on the same tap post the app's revamp.

The guys at Snapchat seem to be playing around with a new feature, not yet rolled out, which copies the "tagging" feature from Instagram.

Snapchat is letting some users tag their friends. However, the feature is not being rolled out to all users, and is now in the pilot phase, the company said to TechCrunch. "Once this flashes, the user may tag someone using the "@" symbol and writing out a username to mention them.

When someone views your Snap, they can also see more information about the tagged user by swiping up on the "more" option.

The feature also allows you to include the tagged person's Bitmoji and a QR code button that lets other users follow them. The feature has been rolled out only to a handful of users, as it's still being tested. So if you suddenly get dozens of friend requests without warning, perhaps a friend has gotten tag-happy.

Tapping on the username prompts a pop-up that will take them to that profile.

Apparently the new tagging system is now being rolled out - so be on the lookout!