Cameron Diaz Has Quit Acting at Age 45, According to Selma Blair

Cameron Diaz Has Quit Acting at Age 45, According to Selma Blair

In In Her Shoes, Cameron Diaz wreaks havoc on the lives of her family and friends as the easygoing Maggie (much to the chagrin of her sister, played by Toni Collette). I would have liked to do a sequel but Cameron " s retired from acting.

Former A-list actress Cameron Diaz hasn't made a new movie in years, and fellow actress Selma Blair offers a reason why: Diaz quietly retired. She became Hollywood's "breakout" star with the role in Jim Carrey's movie The Mask.

According to her pal Selma Blair, the actress, 45, has said she is "done" with the film industry and has no plans to return the big screen. She concluded that it would take something special to coax her close friend out of retirement.

She was one of our favorite leading ladies, with blockbusters such as Charlie's Angels, Shrek and There's Something About Mary to name a few.

Cameron's last movie was 2014's Annie, and has reportedly since rejected other movie offers.

Its follow-up, The Longevity Book, followed in 2016. News. "I felt the need to make myself whole". "She's happy, in love and wants to make the most of her freedom and free time", a source told Daily Star.

In a rare interview with radio host Andy Cohen, the 45-year-old actress divulged knowing that Madden would be her husband as soon as they were introduced by her sister-in-law, Nicole Richie.

"Cameron hasn't wanted to work", the source said.

The insider explained: 'She would love more than anything to be a mom.

Cameron and her 38-year-old husband have been trying for a baby since they said their vows around three years ago. As the popularity of rom-coms weaned, so did the space Diaz took up in the Hollywood landscape. Game of Thrones actor Jack Gleeson, who portrayed the malevolent King Joffrey, told Entertainment Weekly that he called it quits on his acting career after his character was poisoned at his wedding. Of course, there's the very likely reality she is pulling a Daniel Day-Lewis and genuinely done with acting.

Though Cameron has not officially announced her retirement, she did hint about stepping away from the movie industry to work on herself at the Goop Wellness Summit a year ago.