Fortnite, Xbox one, cross-platform play, playstation 4

Fortnite, Xbox one, cross-platform play, playstation 4

"Fortnite" will soon be getting cross-platform support for the Xbox One allowing cross-play with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android players. This was kind of a bummer considering Xbox has always been the console frontman for pushing cross-play incentives - it was always Sony that wasn't ready to play ball.

Right now, it's unclear what the hold up is on cross-platform play between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, other than that it's a business decision by Sony.

Epic Games announced their partnership with Microsoft in a recent post on their website.

They are definitely good news, and they seem to be more in line with Microsoft's positive stance on cross-play functionality in their video games.

And now, Fortnite has announced that the game is coming on mobile devices.

Thinking precisely in the latter, Epic Games wants to eliminate all possible barriers and offer the best facilities to the users to enjoy their title.

In this sense, those who will take advantage of this function will be those of PC, Mac, iOS and Android, being able to share all the data, purchases and any progress we make with our account in any of the mentioned systems.

Funnily enough, Epic had "accidentally" enabled cross-play for Xbox One and PS4 players that was quickly shut down as a "configuration" issue.

You can see above how keen both parties were to involve Sony, but so far they've refused to support cross-play with any game, not just Fortnite. On Twitter, Epic Games' Nick Chester revealed that Xbox One players will only be able to play Fortnite with PC, Mac, and Mobile players, and PlayStation 4 players will also only be able to play against PC, Mac, and mobile players.