Microsoft To Bring AMD FreeSync And FreeSync 2 To Xbox Consoles

Microsoft To Bring AMD FreeSync And FreeSync 2 To Xbox Consoles

The first episode had details on Sea of Thieves, PixArk, and the Xbox version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Revealed during Microsoft's latest monthly streaming show, Inside Xbox, support for variable refresh rate on FreeSync displays is coming to Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles.

The Xbox Engineering team has been working on the feature, which is called Auto Low Latency Mode, and it will work with any "supported TV".

Xbox One users are getting a slew of updates with the Spring update that includes AMD Radeon FreeSync support for AMD display devices.

For those who may remember, the addition of AMD's FreeSync technology was actually talked about by Microsoft around the time the Xbox One X was launched; so it's good to see the company fulfilling its promise. We're not aware of any FreeSync-branded TVs, but we'd wager that the HDMI 2.1 VRR spec is a real close relative of the FreeSync-on-HDMI support already available on some monitors.

Microsoft is taking another step towards maximum compatibility for its Xbox consoles.

We PC fans tend to think of FreeSync in association with high-refresh-rate gaming displays, but the technology arguably offers the greatest benefit at low frame rates. Slated to arrive this spring for general release, FreeSync 2 support appears to be part of the upcoming Xbox Spring Update. FreeSync is an open standard AMD developed to enable supporting displays to alter their refresh rates in order to match the source.

Along with FreeSync, Xbox One users will also be introduced to the new "share to Twitter" feature, which allows users to share gameplay clips and screenshots right onto their Twitter.