Citi Bike, Other Bike-Sharing Data In 179 Cities Added

Citi Bike, Other Bike-Sharing Data In 179 Cities Added

An Apple Maps feature went live today with bike-sharing data for more than 175 cities in 36 countries.

So this feature won't replace more sophisticated apps for local users.

The update includes the ability to track bike-sharing availability in a some 175 cities around the world. Thanks to the partnership, Apple won't have to put together this data in-house and can simply integrate all the data through a single data model. The update comes as Apple has struck a deal with data company Ito World. The app previously contained limited information on bike-sharing services in a handful of cities.

Currently, one evident use of Apple Maps is if you are traveling to a different city and want to avail a bike-sharing service.

This new app supports Citi Bike in NYC, Ford GoBike in San Francisco, BIKETOWN in Portland, Santander Cycles in London, bicing in Barcelona, BIXI in Montreal, CityCycle in Brisbane, nextbike in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and so many others. It doesn't tell you if a startup is operating a dock-less bike-sharing service in that city, so you'll have to open the Mobike, Ofo or oBike app yourself.

The addition of bicycle sharing helps Apple Maps move ever closer in the race to catch up to Google Maps.

Ito World has experience working with dozens of companies as they tried to license and normalize bike-sharing data.

Apple Maps supports services such as Citi Bike, Ford's GoBike, and Biketown, amongst a slew of others.