It's complicated: China torn on Trump, Kim talks

It's complicated: China torn on Trump, Kim talks

Pyongyang's professed desire to abandon nuclear weapons was significant because it came directly from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, he said.

However, North Korea has provide a concrete commitment to cut back its nuclear program, while Kim apparently told a South Korean delegation to Pyongyang last week that he understands the need for Seoul and Washington to continue the joint drills. Trump is never in that game, and I think Kim knows it. Summit meetings between national leaders usually take place only at the very end of negotiations, after lower-level bureaucrats have hammered out every detail of an agreement and scripted every pause and handshake in their public appearance.

We want to hear from you. And that's a little worrisome, ' said Senator Jeff Flake, a frequent Trump critic. Pragmatically, the White House has stipulated few preconditions for the conversation, a decision that makes the as-yet unscheduled meeting more likely to be accomplished. "North Korea made several promises". That raises fears that China could seek to ease the sanctions in order to maintain its influence on the North, and if that happens, efforts to get rid of North Korea's nuclear weapons will fail.

"Our policy is pressure, is pressure from our partners and allies around the world, pressure to the United Nations through China, these have had an impact".

Kim Jong Un's father and predecessor, Kim Jong Il, was known to be afraid of flying, but the younger Kim has been shown in official photos getting off airplanes and even "flying" a North Korean designed aircraft. "It's impacted his conduct", Shah said.

The prospective meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump may be a diversionary tactic by Pyongyang and the summit may fail because of the USA president's inability to grasp the issues, former State Department official Harvey Blaney told Sputnik. Shah told ABC's "This Week" that the North Koreans "cannot engage in missile testing, they cannot engage in nuclear testing and they can't publicly object to the U.S". But both his premise and his conclusion are wrong - dangerously wrong and catastrophically risky - and North Korea, through conversations with South Korean officials, reportedly indicated as much this week. "I believe they will honor that commitment!"

Kevin Hardwick, a political science professor at Canisius College, says the rally was perfectly timed after an especially turbulent week for Trump.

"The Trump administration sees China as primarily an obstacle to the peaceful resolution of the DPRK nuclear issue and not so much as a critical diplomatic interlocutor", Skylar Mastro said.