President Trump coming to California this week

President Trump coming to California this week

Trump is expected to arrive Tuesday for his first visit to California as president to see the wall's prototypes.

The main goal for some of them is to stand up for immigrants. California has filed over two dozen lawsuits against the Trump administration, and the state's dominant Democratic Party has become more and more left-wing as it has become more and more rabidly anti-Trump.

A top federal immigration official unleashed strong criticism of some of the state's elected leaders ahead of the visit. Jerry Brown, U.S. Sen.

The acting Director of ICE Tom Homan echoed the President's comments in recent days; equating Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf with "gang lookouts" who warn drug-dealers of approaching law enforcement.

About 250 people marched in downtown San Diego in protest of the wall Monday evening. And the Golden State - the sixth largest economy in the world - is thriving. "We are already putting 1,700 Americans to work". "We don't need your racist wall!" "We don't have the wall, we're never going to solve this problem..."

Gomez sponsored the resolution opposing the wall, calling it detrimental to the city's environment and tourism.

So far, Donald Trump's proposed border wall amounts to just eight slabs of concrete with no prospects of expanding.

The commander-in-chief is also expected to attend a Republican National Committee fundraiser in Los Angeles during his visit. They hate armed guards, but they walk around with people with guns. Like many Republicans, Trump's main interest in California was financial: the state is home to many high-dollar conservative donors. "Rather than allowing the border to divide us, we're building bridges that connect us". "This will be huge!" wrote the founder of San Diegans for Secure Borders, one of the pro-Trump groups. He said his organization respects free speech and hopes Tuesday's rally will be safe for participants.

Tomorrow, the U.S. president will travel to the outskirts of San Diego to inspect the eight border wall prototypes.

Some residents in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas reportedly plan to protest Trump's visit.

Vargas told reporters "Trump is not welcome here!"

"I'm glad the president's going to the belly of the beast", he said.

"You see, in California we are focusing on bridges, not walls".

Brown noted that President Harry Truman used his first trip to California in 1945 to witness the signing of the charter establishing the United Nations in San Francisco, while President Lyndon Johnson met with the president of Mexico during his first presidential visit to California in 1964.