Desus & Mero Mock DJ Envy's Confrontational Interview and Walk-Out

Desus & Mero Mock DJ Envy's Confrontational Interview and Walk-Out

While the two laughed it off, Envy wasn't finding anything amusing. "I don't think any potential future guest is going to talk about my wife and if they do then they're going to get that as well".

When DJ Envy and his wife, Gia Casey, visited "Desus & Mero" a few days before, the comedy duo jokingly stated that DJ Envy's wife was with him "for the check", which Envy said he and his wife did not appreciate.

"I wanted to address them publicly since they disrespected my wife publicly, that's why I did it live on air", he said. Since Envy is not letting the situation go, Desus & Mero both replied to the tweet that was subjectively meant for them.

Envy says he also chose to leave because he didn't want to situation to escalate since his co-host Charlamagne continued to crack jokes about it.

Fortunately, the DJ says there is no problem or beef between them and the two will be invited on the show again.

Every day at The Breakfast Club is entertaining with the hosts consistently finding ways to get the best of the culture to divulge information for the public to enjoy.

"I didn't leave as a joke, it was a heated moment and they needed to know I was serious", he said.

DJ Envy spoke to TMZ after the incident where he explained why he came at them so hard and stormed out the interview.

"I was about to tell Ebro that this wasn't staged", Budden said in response. "I couldn't believe that they would even say something like that - especially somebody I considered friends and that's why I had to check 'em". "You was there the last time some 1 said something insane about my family..."