Lawyer sentenced to prison for lying to special counsel investigators

Lawyer sentenced to prison for lying to special counsel investigators

Mueller, in a sentencing memorandum issued last week, said "the government does not take a position with respect to a particular sentence to be imposed" on van der Zwaan.

Van der Zwaan's forfeiture of his Freedom of Information Act ability prevents him from interfering with the Mueller investigation by requesting documents from it, tipping others off to "investigative facts that are otherwise not known" and burdening the office with freedom of information tasks, the prosecutors told the judge Monday.

"I just can't say, 'Pay your fine at the door and go, '" Jackson said at the hearing, in explaining her sentence.

Mueller's team didn't ask for a specific sentence for van der Zwaan, whose attorneys had asked Jackson to keep their client out of jail.

Alex van der Zwaan, a Dutch citizen who lives in London, is the first person sentenced in connection with Mueller's investigation.

The judge that sentence the lawyer stated that van der Zwaan attempted to ingratiate himself with both Gates and former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort and that he attempted to hide key information while hiding his lies from his law firm. The FBI determined that Person A still had ties to Russian intelligence in 2016, when he was also in touch with Gates - who was reportedly still doing work for Trump's campaign.

The charges against Van der Zwaan and Gates are not related to Trump's campaign. Mueller has described Person A as having "ties to the Russian intelligence service". Person A is widely believed to be Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian who worked on Manafort's and Gates' projects in Ukraine. Van der Zwaan later returned to the special counsel's office on December 1 to "correct the record", his lawyers wrote.

Court records further alleged that he falsely stated he did not know why a September 2016 email between him and "Person A" was not given to prosecutors, and allegedly spoke with both Gates and "Person A" over the Tymoshenko report, recorded the calls and deleted emails sought by prosecutors.

Van der Zwaan faced an estimated sentencing range of between zero to six months.

Van der Zwaan's story is convoluted, and involves a Ukrainian internal political dispute from a decade ago.