Google is readying up a new UI design for Gmail

Google is readying up a new UI design for Gmail

Google says's big redesign will be out "in the coming weeks", and we hope to hear more about it at Google I/O. This improved design includes the addition of features that are already available in the Gmail Inbox app, such as "snooze" (which lets you temporarily hold off certain emails until you're ready to read them) and "smart reply" (which prompts you to answer messages quickly), according to The Verge.

One thing shown that we weren't previously expecting is a new sidebar found on the far right.

Both Snooze and Smart Reply are part of Google's Inbox app on Gmail. The compact view will be similar to the current Gmail design, something that current users should be happy about. The design now features elements of Google's Material Design standard along with plenty of new features that bring Gmail up to date.

Use other G Suite apps inside your inbox.

Google has released a search app created to take account of the prevalence of lower-end devices and slower connections across much of Africa and which allows consumers to use local languages. This goes a long way towards ensuring that your email is only accessed by the person who you intended it for. We've been hearing about a Gmail redesign since a year ago. This sidebar can display your Google Calendar, Google Keep for taking notes, or a list of your tasks.

According to the tipster who spilled the news to TechCrunch, there's already a help page for the feature but it's now not populated with any information - suggesting that the self-destructing emails of the new Gmail design is under development but not ready for release at this point in time.

Google has stated that the new Gmail design may be rolling out in a few weeks. The first of these new features is "Confidential Mode", a tool that will allow users to prevent email recipients from forwarding, copying or downloading specific emails. As the original, official smartphones that were manufactured and sold under the Google umbrella, the handsets generated a fair bit of buzz when they were announced and when they hit the market.