Memo warning Apple employees about leaking gets leaked to the me

Memo warning Apple employees about leaking gets leaked to the me

Apple, Inc. fired 29 internal people the previous year for leaking information about company's upcoming projects.

"Leakers do not simply lose their jobs at Apple", the memo states.

Apple said, though not in as many words, that if found guilty the leakers would face hell.

It's odd of Apple to not release the iPhone X in gold, but rumours have come up in the past that the Cupertino company ran into manufacturing issues with the colour.

Last year, the company said it caught 29 leakers - 12 of whom were later arrested.

Despite the warning, the threatening memo about leaking was leaked to Bloomberg. Apple warns that it "may seem flattering" to be approached for information, but that in end, "you're getting played". This message was then promptly leaked to Bloomberg, where it can be read in its entirety.

Every Apple launch is covered by the select press invited to such events like it's a holy event, and with a blinkered positivity from many about what are often deeply flawed products.

The California-based tech giant has taken stringent actions to curb the internal information leak.

Analysts believe that "once Apple establishes a price band it typically keeps it", which is consistent with what they have heard from former Apple employees.

The memo also listed examples of people the company caught, including employees who shared details about the iPhone 10 and iPad Pro to a reporter. Apple has sent a caution to the employees on the consequences of the privacy breach in the memo. Leaked information about a new product can negatively impact sales of the current model; give rival companies more time to begin on a competitive response; and lead to fewer sales of that new product when it arrives.

The Apple photos filed in September are now in public view thanks to a six month confidentially clause with the FCC. 12 of those were arrested. In the memo, the employees were threatened with losing their jobs if they revealed trade secrets. In addition, leaks are competitors to create the best product.