Rape incidents: Our daughters will get justice, says PM

Rape incidents: Our daughters will get justice, says PM

"Dr Ambedkar said now that we have constitutional methods of expressing opposition, we should avoid disruptive mechanisms".

"I would like to tell the youth on the path of violence that the Constitution takes care of your rights". You do not need to ruin your life. "I want to convince the country that no criminal will survive, justice will be done". If you read their names, surnames, you will understand who they are. None of them is a local and they are not from amongst you.

PM Modi also spoke about how his government had taken measures to protect Dalits.

Noting that the focus has for always been on insurance, the government believes the Ayushman Bharat scheme will help people look at comprehensive, affordable, preventive and primary care. These jawans have made a crucial contribution to building roads, hospitals and schools.

The scheme will be launched by Modi at Jangla village in Bijapur, officials said. While the government has pressed for a review of the court order, a nationwide protest earlier this month by Dalit bodies turned violent in several states.

Under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, there are two initiatives, of which one was launched today by the Prime Minister. These two health sector initiatives under Ayushman Bharat Programme will build a New India 2022 and ensure enhanced productivity, well being and avert wage loss and impoverishment. It will run until 5 May.

The National Indian Students and Alumni Union (NISAU) UK, together with 19 India-related societies at leading UK universities, submitted the letter dated April 14 ahead of the Indian PM's four-day visit to the UK on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always batted for women empowerment in his speeches. "I have come here to say that the Centre supports your dreams, aspirations and expectations".

"Bijapur is among the 115 aspirational districts identified in January this year".

"If Bijapur district can witness development in just 100 days, why cannot others?" he wondered. "After so many years of independence these districts still remain backward", he said.

Modi said the Dalit icon was instrumental in getting people from backward classes their rights. "If the district administration, public representatives and the people join hands in a mass movement, unprecedented results can be achieved. They are not residents of your state, keep themselves safe but get your children killed", Modi said. He inaugurated a slew of projects including a new rail lie, Internet service, roads and bridges here.