Trump again denounces 'slimeball' Comey, lauds Syria strikes

Trump again denounces 'slimeball' Comey, lauds Syria strikes

That was likely because John Brennan, who was Central Intelligence Agency director under former President Barack Obama, used it in a reply to Trump's tweet. That critic is not just any critic-it's Michiko Kakutani, the former chief book critic at the paper.

James Comey is embarking on a publicity tour. "Comey noted: "(They were) smaller than mine, but did not seem unusually so", according to the Associated Press. "These rules and standards were hallmarks of the Mafia, but throughout my career I'd be surprised how often I'd find them applied outside of it", Comey writes. He also accused Comey of lying to Congress, apparently referring to Comey's Senate testimony last June, when he said he needed to get his account of his conversations with Trump in the public sphere in the hope it might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. But Ryan again declined to endorse any legislation that would protect Mueller from being fired by Trump.

Comey said at the time the Trump administration had lied and defamed him and the Federal Bureau of Investigation after the president dismissed him on May 9.

Asked if he was willing to take Comey at his word, Ryan declined to elaborate, saying that, "I'm not going to try and help sell some books here" and "I don't know the guy". Comey expressed concern about creating a narrative that the president was being investigated personally and that it was hard to prove something never happened.

Eleven months after the controversial dismissal from his position, Comey's scathing retort paints President Trump as a liar and a mobster-like figure.

In an excerpt shown on Saturday, Mr Comey says his belief that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election was a factor in his decision to disclose the investigation into her emails. Comey details his conversations with Trump in the early weeks of 2017, noting how often Trump tried to isolate Comey one-on-one and elicit a pledge of loyalty. I don't know. I honestly don't know.

Comey has indeed faced criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike - and the release of his book gives him a high-profile platform to defend himself. It's lead headline is "PEE BRAIN!" - a reference to unconfirmed allegations in the dossier that Trump had watched prostitutes urinate on themselves in a Moscow hotel suite. "Again, very unusual", Comey wrote.

"We find that Mr. Comey has a revisionist view of history and seems like a disgruntled ex-employee, afterall he was sacked", Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway added.

In his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee a year ago, Comey said he believes the President asked him to "drop any investigation of Flynn", a reference to former national security adviser Michael Flynn. In this view, Comey is an ego-driven false martyr, not only bitter and vengeful but downright corrupt - a sellout to the Democrats who have refused to accept their loss or Trump's triumph in 2016.