Released code name Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Released code name Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Another difference is that the Samsung Galaxy S9+ has a Ram memory of 6 GB while the S9 has 4 GB. Expect the Galaxy Note 9 to feature the top-of-the-line spec sheet and features. The S9+'s battery of 3500mAh is more powerful than the S9's that has 3000mAh. But that does not appear to the case with the Exynos Galaxy S9 handsets. With Samsung's App Pair feature, enhanced based on customer feedback for the Galaxy S9 and S9+, users can now launch multiple apps at once to use them simultaneously. While the iPhone X actually came in 8th on the list of top smartphones, the top 20 ranked devices were only separated by six points - an incredibly close race that is a testament to the quality of the best flagships on the market. Last year, South Korean site The Investor reported that Samsung was developing the Galaxy Note 9 under the codename "Crown".

Representatives of Samsung Electronics, came to the meeting with Apple, said that the ready prompt to start the production of 100 million panels, 25% of which are for iPhone X current generation and 75% for the model 2018. The answer may not be that simple.

Samsung is thought to have been working on this technology for a while and it seems it could get its first outing on the Note 9.

A recent report has suggested that Galaxy S9 handsets bought in the United Kingdom and Europe might be noticeable worse than purchased elsewhere, new battery life tests have revealed. It might not therefore be present in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 after all and might be cancelled, as both ultrasonic and optical solutions might not be able to cope with the technical requirements. The S9 Plus was actually more fragile, breaking on the second series of 50 drops.

The J20 Pro's $180 (£120) price-tag also means it's a viable option for people who want a phone simply for texting and sending text messages. In Cupertino, according to ETNews, has not yet made a final decision. The head of Consumer Reports' smartphone testing, Richard Fisco, said that "It really comes down to personal preference when you're talking about high-end phones these days".