Syrian chemical attack was staged - Russian Federation

Syrian chemical attack was staged - Russian Federation

"Again, we are being threatened", Antonov continued.

The Russian leader warned against "ill-considered and risky actions ... that would have consequences beyond conjecture".

The Ministry claims the air strikes were a response to the "success" of Al Assad's Syrian army in liberating their territory from worldwide terrorism. Syria serves as an important access point to the Mediterranean Sea for Russian ships and a hub for Russia in the Middle East.

"The use of chemical weapons by anyone, anywhere, under any circumstances is illegal and utterly reprehensible", Mr Turnbull said.

United States officials suspect the Russia-backed Assad regime is behind the attack.

Vladimir Putin has condemned the air strikes on Syria by UK, US and French governments as an "act of aggression".

"The current escalation around Syria is destructive for the entire system of global relations". “History will set things right, and Washington already bears the heavy responsibility for the bloody outrage in Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya.”.

Putin, in his condemnation Saturday of the airstrikes, called for an emergency U.N. Security Council session and described the assault as the latest in two decades of American-led interventions that, in the Kremlins telling, have unwound the global order.

The official claimed that as a result of the Russian pressure to comply with an invitation made by the Syrian government itself, the specialists of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons are preparing to travel to Syria.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on Facebook that the United States and its allies delivered a military strike against Syria precisely at a moment when the country has a chance for a peaceful future. Fifteen years ago, the White House used a test tube and its secretary of state.

China too condemned the airstrikes, saying any action bypassing the United Nations charter violates the principles of worldwide law.

He added without elaboration that Moscow has "irrefutable information that it was another fabrication".

Russian air defenses, stationed at a naval base and an airfield, were not triggered by any of the allied attacks.

The day before a team from the global chemical weapons watchdog was to arrive in Douma, east of Damascus, Mr Lavrov said Russian experts have inspected the site and found no trace of chemical weapons. Both the Russian military and the Syrian government said they would facilitate the mission and ensure the inspectors' security.