"Night Court" star Harry Anderson dies at 65

Harry Anderson, best known for a short stint on Cheers that eventually turned into a starring gig on Night Court, has died at the age of 65. According to officials, no foul play is suspected. After moving to Chicago from Rhode Island, Harry had the opportunity to see magician Harry Blackstone, Sr., which led him to practice magician skills in his spare time.

Night Court starred Anderson alongside John Larroquette as assistant district attorney Dan Fielding.

Ultimately, Anderson represents many different things to different people, but how we picture the character at the moment is as a product of very much a gone generation where comedies dominated the schedule and there were few actors bigger than sitcom stars. Before "Night Court" he frequently appeared on "Saturday Night Live". "Les Charles called me and said I had beaten him out of $20 in a shell game in San Francisco".

"Fans may recall Anderson due to his role "& rdquo, Night Court; however, it was his sole job.

Harry Anderson, left, was among the stars posing for photographers after a press conference in NY announcing NBC-TV's prime time line-up for Fall 1988, shown May 19, 1988. He played the boyish judge as a wise-cracking prankster who also was an amateur magician, like Anderson himself.

"I am devastated. I'll talk about you later, Harry, but for now, I'm devastated", said actress and "Night Court" co-star Markie Post. "I never auditioned for anything. By the time they figured out that I couldn't act scared on the subway at 4 a.m., I already had a five-year contract".