Three senior IEBC commissioners resign

Three senior IEBC commissioners resign

The three are IEBC vice chair Connie Nkatha Maina, commissioners Margaret Mwachanya and Dr Paul Kurgat.

The commissioners' resignation leaves in office three other commissioners after Roselyn Akombe resigned in October previous year saying she feared for her safety and that the IEBC as then constituted could not hold credible repeat elections.

"For too long and way too many times, the commission chair chair has failed to be steady and stable hand that steers ship in hard times", they said.

The resignation comes after Chebukati suspended CEO Ezra Chiloba over irregularities in the procurement process.

"Instead, under his leadership, the commission boardroom has become a venue for peddling misinformation that brewed mistrust, became a space for scrambling for and chasing individual glory and merit", Mwachanya said. understands the move by Chebukati in agreement with commissioners Abdi Guliye and Boya Molu to send Chiloba home informed Maina, Kurgat and Mwachanya's decision to reign.

"The institution has continued to be dysfunctional, with arbitrary decision-making, leaking of internal documents".

The commissioners a year ago refused to step down amid opposition calls on them to resign, followed by protests to force their resignation, leading to scores of deaths.

"The removal of a CEO is a weighty matter, and is one that should not have been introduced as a by-the-way", they said. "Given this deteriorating confidence in the chair, we find our position as commissioners under his leadership no longer tenable" they stated. "The event related to the purported vote have greatly shaken our already feeble confidence in the chair".

Apparently, their resignation means that Chebukati has been left with only two commissioners, Prof.

It is alleged that during the session to suspend Chiloba, the three commissioners who resigned on Monday walked out.