Rainbow Six Siege Reveals a Fierce New Operator Codenamed 'Alibi'

Rainbow Six Siege Reveals a Fierce New Operator Codenamed 'Alibi'

Operation Para Bellum will introduce two new Operators into the mix (including Alibi), as well as a Pick & Ban system that allows players to boot certain Operators from play.

Described as a "cunning woman with a gift for infiltrating dense networks of organized crime", Alibi is a new Defender inspired by the Italian Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale unit. The Vinciguerra crime family owns the land and they seem to huge fans of Assassin's Creed.

So far, no details have been revealed regarding Alibi's ability beyond her teased holograms that help her "find clever ways to force the Attackers' hands".

Ubisoft went ahead and shared a trailer for the upcoming Para Bellum map.

What's unique about it is that the map is called Villa, and it appears to be set in the lovely Italian countryside. Ubisoft is also modifying the speed of certain operators, slowing certain ones down while speeding certain ones up.

A full reveal of Villa is scheduled for May 19-20th, where it will be shown off at Rainbow 6 Siege's Pro League Finals. But we don't get to see them or learn more about them just yet. Additionally, all movement speed while wielding a handgun will see a small increase. The change is created to help bring more balance options to Rainbow Six: Siege when it comes to that particular feature.

On Monday, Ubisoft officially revealed one of the two new operators they're now planning to add to Rainbow Six Siege, a PvP tactical FPS.