You can try Mario Tennis Aces early for free

You can try Mario Tennis Aces early for free

The game doesn't launch until late June, but Nintendo will be holding a Pre-Launch Online Tournament (essentially a beta test) earlier in the month. Another short clip highlighted the game's single-player Adventure Mode.

"Luigi's in a load of trouble", the trailer explains. "In adventure mode, Mario sets off to rescue him from the Legendary Racket". With full-blown tennis battles on hazardous courts, varying missions that challenge your skills, and monstrous bosses standing in your way, strategic tennis is at your fingertips. The story is likely to be minimal at best. Though these Mario sports titles might seem a little weird to someone on the outside looking in, they've managed to build up a devoted following of fans over the years. In the trailer, we see some sort of dark energy taking over Luigi, and it seems that it has already taken over Wario and Waluigi. And I'm sure Bowser somehow gets himself involved in the mix too.

In addition to information about the pre-launch tournament, Nintendo also released a new trailer for Mario Tennis Aces that focuses on the game's Adventure Mode.

The tournament starts on June 1 at 6:00pm JST and will be available until June 3 at 11:59pm JST. Pacific, 9:00 p.m. Eastern.

All participants will be rewarded with Mario's classic outfit in the full game, and it is unclear at this point whether there will be another opportunity to procure the familiar blue overalls, so if you're a traditionalist, make sure to jump in! Which is reason enough alone to jump into the free offering.