YouTube to remind users to "take a break"

YouTube to remind users to

Some users have been noting over the past day or so that a pop-up in their YouTube TV app is notifying them of the arrival of a new voice remote feature (via Android Police). As the name suggests, you can now control YouTube TV on your phone with only your voice (and a tap of a single button). Since it is a server side update, the users will be informed when the voice remote will be available on their Android device.

We're approaching a time when there will be no digital service without some form of voice control associated with it, and now Google is turning its attention to YouTube TV.

This feature is particularly interesting because a voice remote support page popped up several months ago.

To use the feature, you simply have to select the floating microphone icon when you see it in the YouTube app and say a command.

The video-sharing website also added a new setting called "scheduled digest" that puts together all of the individual notifications that you would get from the app into one list.

We're seeing this feature live in Canada, so go hit up YouTube for iOS on your Apple device and let us know if you're going to turn this on.