Apple demands $1 Billion from Samsung for design patent violations

Apple demands $1 Billion from Samsung for design patent violations

The retrial for the 7-year-old design patent suit between Samsung and Apple will commence Monday in California, local time. When the jurors were finally selected, US District Judge Lucy Koh warned them they couldn't discuss their own devices during breaks. "Not only does this not make sense, it is contrary to law". The final ruling from this retrial is set to draw a milestone on how much value a component design holds in an innovative product.

The three design patents in this case relate to the iPhone's distinctive design features - including the phone's black rectangular face, the stainless-steel rim that surrounds the face (called a bezel) and the graphical user interface that appears on the screen when the phone is turned on. Samsung argues, however, that it should pay up just $28 million. But Apple's patents "do not cover the entire phone", he added. Samsung's lawyers appealed the case, bringing down the compensation of $1 billion to $400 million in 2015 at the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. "That is what the law requires".

Lee showed the jury a series of Samsung phones released before, shortly after and years after the iPhone's debut in 2007.

Now, the argument boils down to an even smaller part of that payment. However, Apple may still be able to convince the jury that the devices would not have been marketable without the infringing designs and therefore the phones as a whole should be considered the relevant article.

"What was Samsung's solution?" he asked the jury rhetorically.

When it comes to smartphones, is the whole greater than the sum of its parts?

Apple is "seeking profits on the entire phone", explained Samsung lawyer John Quinn, reports Bloomberg.

It was viewed as a win for Samsung at the time, and the technology company seems intent on advancing that legal theory during the current trial. The Cupertino-based firm was awarded over one billion dollars in 2012. "Moreover, in the seven years of this litigation, Samsung has never produced sales data showing the number of white phones that Samsung sold", Koh ruled last month.Apple, meanwhile, will argue that the iPhone is "indivisible" from its revolutionary design. Apple originally sought $2.75 billion in damages. There's no doubt that Samsung will have to pay Apple something, but exactly how much it will pay remains anyone's guess.