Battlefield V Reveal Coming Next Week

Battlefield V Reveal Coming Next Week

EA officially announced today that the next entry to the Battlefield series is Battlefield V, which will have its live reveal on May 23.

A first look at the game begins on May 23 at 1PM PT/4PM ET.

Following some teasers that indicated a reveal of the Battlefield game would be coming sometime soon, a new section of Battlefield's website has now been erected that provides more details on the upcoming reveal. It also noted that the development team "will share their vision of the game". It's not exactly timely, but I won't be at all surprised if it happens anyway.

The livestream is scheduled for 1 PM PDT/4 PM EDT/9PM BST/ 10 PM CET on Wednesday, May 23. EA and DICE will be live streaming the reveal to the world via YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming services beginning at 4PM ET/1PM PT. In that story, I confirmed through sources that a leaked logo from a pre-release build is real, and now the current logo uses the exact same font even if now features a dark outline and the "V" is on the same line as "Battlefield".

Trevor Noah, a well-known actor, comedian, tv host, and gamer has confirmed on his official Twitter Profile that he will host the reveal of the new Battlefield game. The title was strongly hinted at though with Noah ending his tweet by saying that the news was "V EXCITING" along with a video that showed him drinking out of a coffee cup with a large "V" emblazoned on the cup.