Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does quirky Eurovision dance

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does quirky Eurovision dance

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In a gracious gesture, Mauboy paid tribute to the competition's victor - Israel's Netta Barzilai.

"Previous work, by other teams around the world, has shown that national events may affect mood and even productivity-for instance research suggests an increase in productivity in the winning city of the US Super Bowl".

The study aimed to assess whether a country's performance in the competition is associated with life satisfaction and suicide mortality. The final moments were tense, with Israel in a close, five-way race with Cyprus, Austria, Sweden and Germany.

"We are all hoarse, we celebrated all night and we didn't sleep", added Netta. I love you, keep that going. Lights on Tel Aviv City Hall spelled out "Toy".

Netta responded that she won't be able to attend the June 8 event because she'll be marching in Tel Aviv Pride, a rally which she said was "much more important" to her.

Her winning song's main line is "I'm not your toy, You stupid boy, I'll take you down".

But to some Eurovision veterans, Barzilai's victory had little to do with her message and everything to do with the gimmickry and showmanship of a woman clucking like a chicken. "Toy" has already racked up over 50 million views on the internet.

Kishon, a political hawk and the son of the late humorist Ephraim Kishon, failed to predict the future: Barzilai's unconventional song "Toy" in fact did win the contest, earning the fourth-highest score in the pan-European song competition's 63-year history. But it also means much more than that. Israelis often debate the effectiveness of the BDS organization's efforts to recruit support, some arguing that the effort it takes to counter those efforts is, in itself, a victory for Israel's detractors. And it celebrates global success that supports its image of itself as a normal country - in a big way.

So, it was within that context that Israel offered a contestant with a serious chance to win.

Over five thousand Icelanders have in the last 24 horus signed a petition to demand that Iceland boycott the Eurovision Song Contest which will take place in Israel in 2017 by not taking part. And Dana International became a national hero when she won with "Diva" in 1998.

Netanyahu chose to open his weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday by noting Netta's win. "I am happy that we managed to create a reason for joy in a country that does not have a lot of reasons to celebrate". The Eurovision victor hosts the event the following year.

On Saturday night, the Eurovision television hosts turned to each country to hear their votes. "Next time in Jerusalem!".

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