Production Of Physical PS Vita Games To Cease

Production Of Physical PS Vita Games To Cease

Sony also stipulates that all requests for Vita product codes be presented by 28th June 2018, and final purchase orders submitted by 15th February 2019. According to Kotaku, Sony has contacted software developers to inform them that, as of the 31st March 2019, it'll be ending production of Vita GameCards - the system's proprietary physical media. However, the portable console will continue to receive content and will remain active in this area, so there is still some time left for it to be discontinued.

It's been a long, unusual life for the PlayStation Vita, a system that launched here in 2012 with the slogan "console gaming on the go" but quickly lost ground to mobile and tablet gaming, along with the surge of Nintendo's 3DS.

The PS Vita seems to be inching closer to the end of its lifespan in the West. During the handheld consoles first week of sales, Sony shifted 500,000 units in Japan and the U.S. combined.

This means that developers are more than welcome to keep developing games for the platform, just that they probably shouldn't expect to see a physical release of their games anymore.

The system originally launched back in 2012, where it received a mixed reception from fans.

Note that the announcement specifically calls out America and Europe as halting production of physical Vita games.

Many credit Sony's decision to only support it's own memory cards which were pricey and had to be bought separately as well as the rise of mobile gaming on phones and tablets for the handheld's demise.