QBE survey shows stigma surrounding mental ill health at work

QBE survey shows stigma surrounding mental ill health at work

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, which makes it the ideal time to spread the word that mental health is as important as our physical health and what we can do to Make it Ok.

The measures will be led by mental health charity Samaritans, which will also be training volunteers with military experience to address issues in a military environment.

For over a quarter (28%) of businesses in this sector, mental health is now a bigger issue among employees than physical illness.

However, despite these stark figures, relatively few leaders are proactively supporting mental wellbeing. Our employees' emotional wellbeing should not be one of them.

Bauer is working to drive signatures on a petition at asking for it to be a legal requirement for every work place or college to have a mental health first aider. But I know that many nurses are anxious about what to say in these situations, what to do, how to phrase their response, when to share and when to step in - realising that someone is suicidal is disturbing, and it often feels easier to play down the idea or perhaps quickly pass it to a mental health professional. "Stress is not a mental health problem in itself - it is an adaptation to the situation we find ourselves in. The evidence is out there, but few business leaders are addressing the issue with a proper strategy or even talking about the issue enough and this needs to change".

Prince Harry adds: "If you do have the courage to speak about it, you really can make things better". They can do this by analysing absence management figures, return to work interviews, employee surveys and the usage levels of EAPs and any insurance schemes to get a clearer picture of their issues.

Support the Mental Health at Work campaign by spreading the word within your organisation and across your networks to get people to take part in the survey and have their say.

Ryan said: "I found Chasing the Stigma after I went to my GP for help with anxiety problems".

We all have mental health, Jake Mills urges us all to take care of it.

Mind did reveal some signs of positivity, as this year saw sixty per cent of employers in the WWI increase spending on workplace wellbeing activities.

Sister Amber says campaigns like this and Mental Health Awareness Week are vital to help people cope. There are always going to be hard, stressful periods in people's professional or personal lives and as a major employer within the legal sector, we believe it is important that people know that help is available for them during these critical times and they can seek support during any period of ill health, be it physical or mental.

"In order to do this, line managers need to have the training and guidance to feel confident and ready to have conversations with employees about their mental wellbeing, and support them in the right way".