Senate votes Wednesday on effort to reinstate 'net neutrality' rules

Senate votes Wednesday on effort to reinstate 'net neutrality' rules

"I don't know what I'm going to do (on net neutrality)".

Markey said that vote was the most important that the Senate had taken on the internet.

The FCC's move stirred opposition in Congress and in statehouses. Senate Democrats filed a "discharge petition" as part of the CRA effort, which forced a full Senate vote on it-which will take place on Wednesday.

Broken down by political party, 89 percent of Democrats opposed the repeal, along with 75 percent of Republicans, suggesting GOP candidates will face a hard choice when it comes to publicly siding with the Trump administration or voters on the issue during what could be a hard midterm season for Republicans.

Current FCC chairman Ajit Pai, appointed by President Trump in January 2017, had voted against those rules, calling them heavy-handed, and shepherded through regulations that overturned them. "Senator Hassan has been a strong advocate on this issue, and it is critical that the Senate votes in favor of restoring net neutrality".

"But instead of moving forward with that approach with Republicans to draft such legislation, the Democratic leadership chose to try to score political points by pushing a resolution to undo the FCC's decision, even though undoing this decision will do nothing to provide a permanent solution on net neutrality", said Sen. If both bills pass in Congress, the president's signature is required to pass it. The FCC also repealed the regulatory underpinning for the rules, in which internet service was classified as a common carrier.

What are the chances of the net neutrality CRA passing?

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., has said lawmakers in that chamber are focused on designing their own legislation to "permanently address this issue", casting doubt on whether the Senate resolution can advance.

The group urged supporters to call key senators in Utah, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, and California, as well as Murkowski, Gardner, and Kennedy, to ensure that the Democratic caucus of 49 senators have the Republican support they need to pass the CRA. Sen. In surveys, solid majorities say they support the principle of net neutrality generally, and the FCC's rules in particular.

While Trump has relished the opportunity to sign 15 CRA resolutions since he took office previous year - more than all other presidents combined - it's not known whether he'd sign a 16th if it would restore a regulation promulgated under his predecessor. Or will they stick to the party and leave it to be decided by a tie-breaker vote nearly certain to go in their favor?

However, the vote may not be an even split. And with the absence of Senator John McCain because of illness, they believe they will win on a 50-49 vote.

Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Penn.), who is a co-sponsor of the House CRA, told the Daily Dot late last month that "grass roots activism" could create a scenario where there is a "real shot at getting this thing out of the House". And given the White House's endorsement of the FCC's repeal, analysts say, it is unlikely that Trump will sign the resolution to make it effective.

As lawmakers prepare to vote on the CRA, internet activists have tried to push them into supporting it.