Wildlife officers kill bear suspected of attacking girl

Wildlife officers kill bear suspected of attacking girl

KREX 5 News has obtained the 911 call made by the parents of the 5-year-old girl who was attacked by a bear early Sunday morning.

Kimberly Cyr's father said his daughter went into the backyard of the family home around 2:30 AM after she heard noises she assumed were coming from the family dog. The animal only dropped Kimberly after the girl's mother began to scream at it.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are trying to find the bear with the help of federal wildlife services personnel. "Based on bear behavior, it's possible this bear will come back to the area".

CPW advises the public to avoid attracting bears, and all wildlife, to their residences by removing attractants, including trash, bird feeders and other potential sources of food.

CPW officers will transport the bear's carcass to the agency's Wildlife Health Laboratory in Fort Collins for a full necropsy, according to a press release.

The little girl needed more than 70 stitches but doctors expect her to "mend very well", hospital spokeswoman Teri Cavanagh said.

Three traps were set to catch the bear, but officers killed it before the animal entered one.

Paediatric surgeon Charles Breaux Jr said the bear apparently bit her but that she did not have any injuries to her brain or organs, and did not suffer any fractures. In the last five years, there have been 13 reported black bear attacks, including Sunday's.

Low food quantities force bears to head into neighborhoods and cars to look for garbage to eat. "With many more people living and playing in bear country, human-bear encounters are on the rise".