Yanny or Laurel: Which one do you hear?

Yanny or Laurel: Which one do you hear?

The internet was seemingly split Tuesday when a circulating audio clip asked listeners to choose: Do they hear "Yanny?"

Some Twitter users have said they hear "Yanny" and some say they hear "Laurel".

Whether or not our ear canals or our brains are to blame, it's clear that, with one word, a bot has once again flamed internet users' tribal instincts. "I hear laurel", wrote Ryan Switzer.

"If you hear Yanny and not Laurel I don't trust you", user Quincy Quarter-Zips tweeted.

Instead, people on Twitter are arguing over whether an audio recording is saying "Yanny" or "Laurel".

Moreover, some people have added to the confusion by somehow saying they can hear both. "Yanny" can clearly be heard when the pitch is lowered, and "Laurel" can be heard when the pitch is raised.

This takes us back to the social media debates over the blue/gold or white/black dress and the gray or pink shoe. Some of your friends saw a white and gold dress (umm, what?) while you saw blue and black.