Coinbase Rolls Out Sophisticated Suite for Large Institutional Investors

Coinbase Rolls Out Sophisticated Suite for Large Institutional Investors

Coinbase Prime will be offering lending and margin financial products, Over the Counter [OTC] trading, and algorithmic orders along with the recent market data and research products.

Earlier today, Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform headquartered in San Francisco, reported multiple announcements on all the projects they have come up with for the betterment of the Cryptoverse. New product offerings announced today also include Coinbase Prime, a suite of tools and services specifically designed for institutions, and enhancements to Coinbase Markets that will be driven by an engineering team out of the newly opened Chicago office. Among the custody partners are Autonomous Partners, boostVC, and WaldenBridge Capital.

The Coinbase Custody, one of the four products launched by Coinbase, is a cryptocurrency custodian and the most secure cryptocurrency storage solution available.

Coinbase is not the only firm looking at targeting Wall Street with new product offerings. As a result, the product combines Coinbase's cryptocurrency security experience with third-party auditing and financial reporting validation, thus meeting the requirements of any other SEC-regulated broker dealer. Coinbase claims that more than 100 hedge funds announced plans to trade/invest in cryptocurrency in the last few months alone.

The custody question - how to securely hold digital coins in an era of rampant hacking - has bedeviled money managers ever since cryptocurrencies emerged as an asset class. Coinbase began outlining efforts to provide a solution in November.

The famous and recognised cryptocurrency exchange and platform, Coinbase, announced on Tuesday that it has formally launched Coinbase Custody, the product designed specially for institutional investors.

Coinbase Custody focuses on addressing the topmost concern that institutional investors have regarding cryptos - security. 'Over the course of the year, Coinbase Markets will introduce new features like low latency performance, on-premise datacenter colocation services, institutional connectivity and access, and settlement and clearing services.

Coinbase Prime is going to be a separate trading platform only for institutional investors.

Coinbase is known for providing a large pool of liquidity for all Coinbase products, and this is to be continued with the introduction of Coinbase Markets.

This is a major upgrade to Coinbase's product lineup, which has so far been mostly oriented toward individual investors. To learn more or sign up as an institution, please visit Coinbase Prime.

The last announcement made by Coinbase is regarding its Institutional Coverage Group, headquartered in the NY office.

Another new product will be Coinbase Prime, which was created to offer the tools that the institutional investors need the most when trading and fill the gap that sometimes prevents these institutions from investing in crypto.