College grad wears gun holster with AR-10 in her graduation photos

College grad wears gun holster with AR-10 in her graduation photos

A college graduate is making a statement after she posted a gun-toting photo on social media that has since gone viral.

In another tweet, she made it clear that her gun is an AR-10 and not an "assault rifle". Members of the Ohio National Guard opened fire on the students, killing four and wounding nine more.

Kent State University was recently ranked the safest college campus with more than 10,000 students in OH and the 25th safest in the country by the National Council for Home Safety and Security.

It is a tradition at many colleges for students to decorate their graduation caps with clever sayings and personal messages.

"Just seeing that someone is out there and young who loves the second amendment and loves gun rights, that gives someone else hope", said Bennett.

Some Twitter users replied to Bennett's photos with disapproval or worse.

Her post was met with mixed reactions, as some thought they'd seen enough of firearms on campuses with all the recent school shootings in the U.S.

Bennett says her main motivation for the photo was in response to pushback she received for organizing an on-campus open carry walk to promote gun control.

"This rifle is legally owned".

When someone questioned if the police would support Bennett's public display of the firearm if she were black, Bennett replied. One Twitter used commented, "If person of color was walking around campus with a gun the whole damn police station would come and shoot them in a second #WhitePrivilege".

"If students thought my political activism at Kent will be over now that I have graduated, they are wrong", she said.

However, a representative from Kent State University tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the above language does not apply to Bennett because she graduated Saturday and returned to campus Sunday to take the photos. "Give him a call", she wrote. Where do you stand? The university told Refinery29 that Bennett, now that she's a graduate, is within her rights to openly carry her rifle. But she also plans to stay in Kent, Ohio, and continue her activism on campus and her involvement with Liberty Hangout.